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I live disuatu middle class housing complex in East Jakarta, not too big, about 150 families inhabited by middle and upper class.
Difference is only 1 way from home, dipojokan there is a very beautiful house occupied by the family of a businessman in July pack is too big hearted song. Forget deh she put on hold are important bokinnya cing ... finches (tall skinny slim), yellow skin, black hair and eyes abis tuh ... geunit linings.
Complexed between father - a young father bokinnya Pak talks on July baseball never dry, turn the house ketiban complex social gathering Mothers Father must always stand by at home.
Another baseball because baseball is not so named Candra Ma'am, if known to wear the most daring, wear short skirts and dresses most often low cleavage ngongkong seat.
More gile again if she knew her father there and ngelirik doi, he deliberately CD whow his oath jembutnya most betebaran sticking out of his suburban CD. Last month, my house that had a bit of fortune ngadain social gathering, so I definitely bother pretending everything bantuin bokin nyiapin, dong know I must look very cool, Versace jeans and baggy clothes Guess I accidentally snap it off, let me sexy he said.
Come on, I see ya si Candra dipojokan sitting room overlooking my work a half open door I wrote.
Lower garment while facing the computer I could see towards the living room, especially towards doi sitting.
Sundel really, doi afternoon wearing a black mini skirt with contrasting beige skin and wear tight clothes, but the material is really alus. I hear deh bodo future mother - mother singing that I could see continued significant Ms Chandra who occasionally also ngelirik me, if I stared too dong doi smile.
Doi Begin pinching her thighs open, a genuine coy dalemnya beige pants plasticity, plasticity middle item must be because jembutnya dense, and it duile how does a scar on the pubic hair burst into exit.
Arrived - arrived doi ngedipin me, hold me while julurin bales ngedip tongue, eh he just smiles and smiles while meremin eyes like that anymore fun in toi.
I'm getting desperate, now I ngadep Kedia atarktif while ngangkang and rub my hands over my dick from outside the underwear,
I continue to love the code so he headed for the bathroom, pee belagak lah.
Doi nod, he continued samperin bokin said he wanted to ride to the bathroom.
And doi I knew it, the outside is still used in the bathroom and mother and a fat Agus beser only.
"Mas, the mother Candra want a ride to the bathroom here" plain chant with me to the bathroom ngajakin existing doi diruang my work.
"Yes sir ya Luki, after his bathroom was old Mother used it Agus"
"Numpang yes, after already could not put up too much to drink" usual stuff doi ado let dikupingnya bokin tasty.
"Please ma'am, but baseball is my papa khan dikomputer drop out of work, has not been so advised Mrs. entrepreneurs like Mr. July"
"Ah Mr. Luki could aja" says doi while wandering to the bathroom I.
Basic brain is also clever in terms of having an affair, doi half open bathroom door and said "Mr. Luki, ledengnya broken huh? "I bokin there's more there. "Mas first try to see me, Mom bantuin Candra, embarrassing her bathroom wrote" I bokin half grumble. "Let assisted at Mas Luki yes ma'am, he often used the bathroom" continues bokin middle kekamar back again, because bokin must equal responsibility dong arisannya people.
With belagak lazy - malesan I stand, I still ngaceng Eits dick again, deh ah cool.
Ms. Candra ngelirik well and reflexively doi ngeraba crotch, Anjir .... bright pants tent I wrote it higher,
"Hayo, why pants tu" she whispered when I go to the bathroom.
"You still make me horny, so I'm a miserable deh, where wear jean again" I say so daring thigh while ngeraba smooth. Doi crazy not angry even say "Yes, that section was still not fun"
"Abis which if absorbed dong" I was still half her thigh towards whispered menyelusurin bejembut pussy crazy.
"Well that was just fun, you also if I gituin also fun lah" ngelus doi dick turns me from outside while trying to - trying to open retsleitingnya. This also busyet crazy women, where the smell Isei Miyakenya really stimulating.
I could not put up, "Ma'am gay yuk" I said amount, quite haphazard. "Come on, when dong, dare mending" his now already into my jeans and my dick started narikin smooth.
"Eh, who fear especially if ngentotnya with Ma'am" now I've managed to insert the finger into pussy wet and humid. "Tomorrow, yes, into the pond swimming Ancol, at 10"
Pigs nih si Ma'am, why the heck swimming into the pond, I emangnya tadpole.
Tomorrow at a quarter to 10 I already stand by diparkiran pool Ancol, I phone him yesterday with no a given in secret.
"Ma'am, I've sampe ya, where are you" I was rada was also that baseball doi dateng.
"Here I was going to go in Ancol, tungguin yes, kontolnya already ngaceng again not" damn ngetest my time, but it sounds really crowded scar there that still giggling behind him.
I die, do not - I do not want to set up, who knows me well he brought bokin.
"You are the same who am koq really crowded, so I can ngaceng baseball again ya"
"How is His promise, he would ML you bring other people uh" half-way Calling me upset.
"Definitely deh promise, just really fun you later" he ngalemin me.
Baseball to 10 minutes, white Honda car landed right beside my car.
"Surprise, nah ketauan yes baseball invites - invites us" sound 2 Ce Candra his friends cried together.
Wow I really pucet, because it turns out that my neighbor also invited, Ms Rina bininya pack Joko and Sister Ita bininya
Raja sir. Gue abis awkwardly. "Uh, yes shocked, take it easy aja, khan already know, aja deh own fun pack Luki, Luki Mas er if outside dong" Ma'am Ita tiny and white (really just Kris Dayantie) wrote blurted it makes the atmosphere so tense baseball . "Nah we deh bilangin wife" Rina is the body and facenya like Dian Nitami nambahin, yes I increasingly
siep feel really dong. But vigilance is maintained man must not fail.
After briefly strings attached, "Let yeah, just baseball there than we may know - we ya Mas" Rina now a
makes me more PD. "Anyway enjoy aja deh, the three of us know already heavy compact" Candra, without hesitation I ngegandeng
towards the counter. "Khan I who make a pact together Mas Luki, elo to do ngiri yes, entar also acquired".
Rina is now the head of the street, doi message family room locker and rinse. 2 swimming ban all messages that Guede fruit really.
Gosh, let alone the idea anyway. As we wrote them lightly invites family I entered with my dressing chamber and rinse.
Denngan calm them open skirts, dresses and keep bra, damn them calm as baseball I was there.
I wrote that crazy baseball clay ngaceng Candra, Ita Rina and an age around 30's on exhibit bodynya.
"Eh, Mas Luki want to swim or want to watch us streap tease" Ita said while opening transparantnya white bra.
"Yes dong going swimming light, but I used to rinse the heck wants ah, cook immediately swim" I sense - deceivingly so they also want berbulat ria, very new responsibilities breasts and half clay body.
Open my shirt and pants, so they shouted together live CD "Cool yes, already ngaceng"
"Uh-huh abis heck you guys are so stimulating and fascinating" I said Random ready - ready would like to open my CD.
"Ah ya fair baseball, so I first cook naked, so I baseball dong unison ashamed"
"Hu ... wants tuh, yes khan Candra you have an idea, you first dong ... where oh jembutnya already on exit tu"
Ita said he is sticking narikin jembutnya Candra kept from the outskirts of the CD.
"I still Ta principle, once open if baseball pants abstinence in ......"
"Joss!!!!! "Ita Rina as the choir and what he wants to drop out of the Candra.
"She deh, I was also embarrassed khan locker room when you go out there later swempaknya sharp tent". Find dong justification.
"Can disperse the pond later, elo on ya want me to be a spectacle" He showed me the pitiful belagak Monas.
Baseball so stiff, I datengin the Candra is still standing near the hanger, I embrace with both hands doi butt section, I kiss her lips ala French kissing, tongue met each other.
"Wow, lust ya ya" the Ita ngeledek. Absorbed in the ass deh Candra who nonggeng I Remes - Remes, tempelin abis mekinya with my dick, horny straight Candra pingggangnya mekinya rocked the auto rotate on my dick.
About 3 minutes I maintain that scene, I've actually really want to direct passions enter my dick kememeknya
Candra which I'm sure is already wet. I must patiently cing cool dong, pairs strategy because there are 2 other nonok waiting.
Slowly I slipped, with fixed eyes he looked at my hand moved slowly spin squeezing her breasts are nipple
still relatively big. "Eh ell do ngiri, while not able to turn on squeezing itself elo first wrote" still found time to Candra ngeledek friend that I was stunned to see her breasts while she squeezes her effort front squat, pull my teeth slowly wear his CD. "It's good yes Can remasannnya Mas Luki? "Rina asked without direction because I know he is also without
conscious of her breasts squeezed and twisted nipples.
"We tell yourself ya go" Ita protest as she pulled her little panties pussy ngobel own.
"Here dong dear, hand me that elo baseball until the far - distant" I can not get a long way because Candra pulled my head towards nonoknya'm licked, after the panties down around her knees.
Anjir .... I also kesampean jilatin and rasain nonoknya Candra who jembutnya gilaaaaaa!!!!!
Itilnya somewhat puffy, red really, I know after working hard jembutnya brushed fleece.
Momentarily silent locker room, while ngejokil abis burrow my pleasures Candra solider for his CD pelorotin Ita Rina and unison, and this is the view of the eyes of viewers and gentlemen:
Candra, 34 toketnya really good shape, nipple rather big brown, yellow coy bodynya skin all shiny tight, there is a little part of cellulite ass, jembutnya ... khan already know elo on en fur keteknya ditto ditto.
Clearly baseball neat, odd cover all parts of pussy close navel.
While ngedorong ass tongue forward so that I could go deeper into kelobang nonoknya, she continued to moan,
ngegesek his right leg slowly my dick from outside the CD, while the business side entrance of the CD.
Rina, which I pelorotin with his right hand, her breasts big little long like papaya, brown skin, knowing Java
Solo seems, anti shaving armpit hair, odd jobs around the milk is 36. Bit her nipple into.
Toned thighs, about 170cm tall, curly jembutnya neat, organized around the hole nonoknya (Often bikinis times ..)
Nonoknya elongated holes, folds under the abdomen there-section scar.
Doi kept squeezing her milk while liatin my hands are again trying nurunin pink CD.
So quickly, doi participate ngebantu nurunin CD.
Ita, siimut, was high around 158, most rarely jembutnya so the inside pink pussy easy plasticity,
toketnya kenceng size 32 small, flat stomach, but his most calm keliatannya actively megangin own ass, do not - do not most hobby doi dibol from behind.
Ngimpi what I see my neighbors on the bare bullet, elo elo maen that there has been no experience of the same chant, gue deh anjurin elo find the three of them, baseball resek, experienced and knew what he liked best full ML.
If you want to find the one accord orgy, compact and baseball egoist term, it means they are trying to enjoy SEX fully without feeling shy, Relax and open.
It is also my friend proved previously with 2 female students are compact, but yes we have the need jajannya konsider lah, do not MERKI. Less confident ability yes modalin VIAGRA most expensive Rp. 150,000 / 100 mg pills.
"Yes you are in the bathroom deh dishower" I said softly, as she licked the rest juicenya Candra that exist around my lips.
Candra baseball react, he nuntun the place I sit, I sit snugly in front of me and he's squatting brebet him pull my CD,
he pandangin my dick all constructs, the baseball life story comments are stale like other porno,
"Oh very big dick, ass ngebandingin same or another dick Co., itusih fashioned, hokey ....! Do not want to make the same elo dibohongin story, itukan just false pride, which is important gocekannya not gedenya, heavy capital would emangnya wrote ... tipuuuuu ...... "
"Can Do Over time, direct maenkan, show sophistication, what I need ya the plunge" Rina furious ngeliatin Candra who still regard my dick while palkon kepangkalnya ngurut of direction, without comment while his left hand baseball code you need, straight dick slowly I started dijilatin .
All over my dick head (helmet) licked spinning, doi tau's the best part about that is the bottom Palkon connection. I dijilatin clear liquid while his eyes looked towards me, as need recognition or comments
I can only lift 2 thumbs, bravo Can go ahead.
Furthermore baseball cepet really shifted his tongue to stop dancing around the stem dick, so dikemot into her mouth that she was sexy keluarin spit up, so I swim feels dick in saliva, dental Cing baseball sense, learn from sissy Park Lawang times.
I already like the turtle - the tortoise behind, my feet wander, I tumpangin over his shoulder while if I already could not put my head Candra bekep the same abis my thigh.
"Rina - Ita dong here, I want ya megangin tits and you nonok" Nah to 2 times their orders directly nyamperin me and Candra. The milk nyodorin pepayanya Rina asked me siimut Ita suction and lift your legs up next to the bench, standing next to me and asked dirojok nonoknya with my index finger is still free because there is no order.
I hold the red nonoknya already rada muddy, knowing derivative China, so the index is gerakin I entered her hips back and forth again rich gay style wrote.
Doi brake literacy ngerasain hair - hair there my hands, my hands ngusap nipple milk uniformly.
Ngejilatin lips part in a rather caplang my ear, sometimes ngemut also part wattle ogud ear, constantly whispering
that sounds similar to another baseball "Mas Luki, pejunya do diabisin all yes, you want baseball ngerasain Ita ass" ... Busyet bener khan doi dibool hooked, the evidence so I moved it in her ass finger kelobang rada already loose,
Raja sir crazy times, hooked Ko sodomy bokinnya cute.
I just nod and make my lips nyodorin ngerasain also kiss the Ita.
Fragrant deh si Ita, smell my ngerangsang Kenzonya more.
Let nonoknya Rina fair that I rojok jembutnya neat too, was a bit dry but steady itilnya thick, feel somewhat ignored because of time, the patient Ita baseball now squatting behind Candra, ngelus breast and her right hand and her left nipple Candra tried ngobok - ngobok nonoknya Candra increasingly wet, because I see sometimes - sometimes the Ita jilatin slimy wet fingers, especially if not juicenya Candra which feels really fun.
Candra wrote nyepong increasingly preoccupied me, her squirmed - Ita dikobel twisted for fun, I know sometimes Ita insert the finger into the ass Candra, entar I also override deh boolnya Candra, if I wished.
I can only shout little "crazy naked gay ..... with you on the good Bener, Candra uhhhh ... uhhhh .... entotin elo gue abis is yes, I do not want to fuck you from behind, I want to fuck you while continuing ngeliatin nonok a crazy jembutnya .. "
"Rina, I want to fuck you while sitting so that I can continue meres sexy tits of you who really" I kept talking silly.
"Ta, I fuck you from behind ya Ta, I want to fuck ass dilobang Ta, after elo hell really sexy rocker"
Elo gue deh if another gay saranin must frequently - often vulgar way, getting any kind of lust Ce dengernya,
and I assure you more appetite elo if Ce is not Cabo or loser cried too vulgar way. Whew ai guarantee dah .....
"Mas Luki, later pejunya for Rina also yes, do not be sprayed all kemulutnya Candra" Rina as she slowly pulled my hair were also hoping to see my dick lust collar that already abis dikemot Candra. "So I gets what, then, I would also dong ngerasain pejunya Mas Luki "Ita Rina protest to the temple - the temple of the quota has not asked me.
I could not put my dick pull that baseball is so big of a mouth Candra, I dudukin the kebangku Rina,
kangkangin my thighs as well as the Dian Nitami, curious I'd love to see dalemnya.
I licked that already rada itilnya ngegelambir, gile cing juicenya feels really fun, and loads of melted into the butt hole. Responsibility lick my ass hole all brown, the inside is also bejembut.
Candra bantuin ngisepin tits Rina, her hands joined ngedorong help getting my head that go ngejilatin nonoknya Rina
which neatly shaved jembutnya. "Ah Mas Luki crazy Candraaaaa awful ....... yes jilatannya, oh mama mama ..... .... I ndak
hold ya, ..... Candra elo hell apain enakkkkkk nipples .... Can I .... "Rina struggling - which makes her breasts swinging wildly left and right, getting horny cing scenery.
Where are the cute eh Ita, doi calm aja, butt I slowly lifted my head up to the height that is parallel groin area Rina, doi sitting slipped through my groin now so sit facing my dick is swinging freely. Fast and agile he suck my dick with his mouth a little, back and forth trying to swallow up the entire trunk my dick. Every now and then he moved suck my seeds are jembutnya peler okay, really fun cing Whew .......
So cute bleak deer he slipped through the crotch move towards the rear, he squeeze - squeeze my ass ..
I was shocked, suddenly there was a strange sense of amusement - fun dilobang amused me a little berjembut ass, fuck .... ugh ...
Anjir Ita ..... apparently his tongue dancing around the ass hole that sometimes - sometimes she tries julurin entry.
Well now I wonder why Homo hooked baseball dimonon, apparently weve bool comfortable if we entered something.
"Ta Ta .... EVER ..... hold me deh jilatin turns a pink anus ..... you continue to Ta ... fun ..., delicious crazy ....." I momentarily forget nonoknya Rina ngejilatin task.
"Mas Luki .... Rina almost jilatin dong ya .... again .... again bear little bear Mas ... oh yes ...." Rina expect me to act.
I immediately nonoknya bill again, I lick abis melt leading juicenya kelobang ass, lick me constantly ... heading
bolnya and Rina increasingly stretched - twisted like a chicken cut responsibilities.
"Mas ..... entotin I dong, briefly aja deh definitely out" Rina lifted my head, hoping the right.
Cave dong act gentle, do not make him disappointed, as my knees hold my dick rod is still wet because
Candra and his saliva mixed Ita. Spry Ita Rina moved the left side, while the Chandra remained in position on the right
Rina while continuing to squeeze the breasts pepayanya Rina.
All of them look to see what would happen, "Candra - Ita, my first fuck Rina does not mean elo-emphasized in my numbers, I promise deh elo all the one that I entotin too"
"Okay Mas, for us baseball is an important issue that we bener - bener ML" Candra giving spirit.
I salute the same abis Candra, high solidarity, not selfish, he became head of the gang deserve.
"Yes Mas Luki, Luki Mas khan can later change his name to Mas Cipto (Cicip roto)" the Ita come nimpalin.
Slowly I arahin dick that looks somewhat leads me to the left of his head, hard baseball nonoknya enter Rina,
but it made me appreciate doi pretending - pretending feel hard dong.
Blebessss ...... gile cing, weve Ko tu gay awful.
I reject the waist use his left hand, my dick is 15 cm forward - backward continue, swerving left and right, spins clitoris and G spotnya Rina .......... "Mas Luki, ...... yeah .. yeah ... that there are satisfied Mas" Rina vibrates, all parts bodynya tasty - tasty no one in charge, nonok - left and right breasts, no ass hole field coordinator (coordinators)
"It's good ya dick Mas Mas Luki Cipto .. uh ...., ... continued Rin Rin .. keep rocking ... nikmatin abis ... do not hold - hold the" Candra
Rina remains twisted her nipple while his lust see my dick working dimemeknya Rina.
"Let's continue to make the Mas Luki ... Rina satisfied, ... here is one hand dong" Candra bernasehat he asked dirojer nonoknya rations. To be honest I must muasin Candra should go first, in addition to its main target is khan he was,
baseball life two more times I enter my middle finger into nonoknya already getting wet.
"Aghhhhhh .... agh ....... Can I get a ... I get a Ta ......, .... this ya Mas Mas taste delicious gay "Rina increasingly mengelinjang.
"Mas .... later again ....... yeah .... Massss .... asu asu. Peline kui Mas .... you know ..., maremmmmmm "plasticity original hu deh si ... Rina, exit Javanese. I tancep more in my dick, I buried without further movement and weve exhausted .... delish Ko Ce Solo,
lo know baseball ... all of a sudden I felt something was spinning - turn quickly on his head and trunk ..
"Oh .. oh fuck ya Rin, ouch ... crazy fun - fun ...." I smile as he continued tancepin my dick.
"Well, he just knew that ... so do not play - play with Ce Solo" Rina nyubit my stomach while ngeledek big smile.
Slowly I pull out my dick is still ngaceng abis, plasticity seems more entrenched.
"Wow Candra, baseball is one deh we make a pact together Mas Luki" Rina said while turning meres toketnya Candra and Ita.
"Bener yes Rin, awful yes you sweat ngentotnya .... ih deh" Ita wipe the sweat around the neck to belly Rina.
"Hayo, now who ya are responsible for issuing my semen" by pretending - pretending I was angry towards Candra clay.
Because like I said, Candra is the main target, so he must know dong.
Elo ngebayangi Candra's baseball as anyone, is nothing but the blend between Iis Dahlia and Cut Keke, nafsuin khan.




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